2 Main Reasons Why You Should Install An Elderly Bathroom Grab Bar

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Do you know that most falls at home occur in the bathroom? According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 235,000 Americans seek emergency medical services annually due to bathroom-related injuries. The injuries are more prevalent among the elderly above 65 years. So, the restroom can be a dangerous place for your aging relative, and you need to equip it with an elderly bathroom grab bar.

What Is a Grab Bar?

A grab bar is also known as a handrail, shower bar, or safety rail. It is a secure rail mounted on the wall to help the elderly or physically weak people navigate rooms safely. You will find them in changing tables, toilets, and showers. The bars are specially designed for individuals with limited balance, mobility, or strength, such as the disabled or the aged.

Why Should You Install a Grab Bar in Your Bathroom?

In most cases, you will find elderly bathroom safety grab bars in public restrooms, mainly in hospitals and care facilities. However, you can fix one in your residential bathroom if you have an elderly relative. Take some time and imagine how difficult it would be for your aging loved one to enter and exit your slippery bathroom. How safe are they?

Sometimes, you may need to assist them in and out of the restroom. However, by having the grab bars, your elderly relative can use the toilet with minimum or no assistance at all. With between $85 and $300, you will have a grab bar installed in your washroom.

Here are the two main ways how a grab bar will change your elderly loved one's bathroom experience:

1. It Abates Fear of Falls

Fear can have negative effects on an aging person. Sometimes, fear of falls can make them skip showering, increasing the risk of infections. On other occasions, they may hold urine for long, increasing the risk of kidney problems. However, an elderly bathroom grab bar gives them confidence that they will be safe, despite the bathroom being slippery.

2. It Increases the Senior's Sense of Independence

Independence gives seniors a significant sense of purpose. Even in their old age, they don't like when you do everything for them, including taking them to the bathroom. So, every aged person wishes to live in their home and maintain their independence. One of the surest ways of guaranteeing them that self-reliance is by adding a grab bar in the bathroom. 

The Bottom Line

As you know, the bathroom floor is slick while the surfaces are always wet, making it a dangerous place for seniors. You can enhance your aged relative's safety by installing an elderly bathroom grab bar.