Custom Footwear May Be The Solution For Relieving Foot Pain And Pain In Your Hips, Back, And Legs

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You may be interested in custom footwear for a couple of reasons. You might want tailored shoes for fashion purposes. These shoes can cost thousands of dollars and take several months to make. However, a more common reason to choose custom footwear is to correct a gait problem or other issue with your feet. You may need a podiatrist's help and prescription for these shoes. Here are some options in custom footwear you might want to know about.

Shoe Lift To Make Leg Lengths Even

If one of your legs is shorter than the other, your gait will likely be affected. If you have a gait abnormality, you can struggle with back, hip, leg, and foot pain. A solution to this condition is to have one of your shoes lifted. A custom footwear company can add the necessary height to one shoe so your legs are even and your gait is improved.

A shoe lift can be added to athletic shoes, boots, and heels. The sole of the shoe is split and built up to the desired height. By customizing one of your shoes, you can buy any type of shoes you like off the rack and then have one of them lifted.

Shoes Custom Made For Your Foot Shape

If you have feet with shapes that make it difficult to fit in your shoes without rubbing or causing other problems, you may need to buy customized shoes built according to your foot shape. For instance, you might have an instep that is so high that you can't wear slip-on shoes. You might also need shoes with wider toes than usual or that have extra arch support.

In some cases, it might be possible to get custom orthotic inserts instead. These slip inside regular or custom shoes to provide the support or padding your feet need. Whether you get orthotic inserts or custom shoes, you'll need to start by getting a mold of your feet. This can be a physical mold or a digital scan.

The mold allows the orthotic maker to create shoes that fit your feet perfectly so you can be comfortable when you stand or walk all day. You can even have custom athletic shoes made so you can run and participate in sports without experiencing pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes.

While you pay more for custom footwear than you would for shoes bought off the rack, the cost is worth it when you need relief from pain caused by wearing shoes that don't fit properly. Custom shoes and orthotics make shoes comfortable to wear, and they provide support where you need it to reduce the risk of developing foot problems.

For more information, reach out to a custom footwear service near you.