There's Still A Space For Office Space

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If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything, it's that more office jobs can be done from home. That's led to a lot of speculation about the so-called death of the office or the end of commuting. However, the office is still necessary. How it's used may end up in a greatly changed form, but a physical office location is still going to be vital for most companies. The space you rent will depend on what you decide needs to be in that central location.

Central Point for Files and Projects Requiring Physical Presence

Despite the move toward digitizing everything, confidential employee and company files are often still put on paper and locked away securely. You really need a central location for this, rather than having the files in a storage unit or someone's home office. Renting an office with enough room for file cabinets and for employees who have to work with the files — even if they work from home sometimes — would provide your company with that neutral, secure space.

Space and Ventilation Make All the Difference

One of the concerns about office space now, given the pandemic, is the potential for transmission of the virus. Even when the pandemic is over, that risk of transmission may still be on everyone's minds. Searching for office space should take this into account, at least so that people will feel more comfortable. As you look for space to rent, ask about ventilation upgrades, the ability to open windows, and the ability to remodel to make the space larger so people have more room to spread out.

The Psychological Value of Having a Physical Company Location

Even if you don't need a huge space that can let several workers keep their distance from each other, you may still want to get at least a small, central office. Having a physical location for the company, and not letting it become a fully online entity, can have psychological value. A company that's fully online, with no physical location, can seem less permanent than one that does have a staffed, central place to go.

Whether you're looking for space on your own or working with a real estate company and agent, you'll find a wide variety of offices available. Consider what you really want in an office, and look for appropriate space. For more information about office space for rent, contact a local rental agency.