How to Be Prepared for Unexpected Snow

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Most meteorologists will predict when snow will fall. However, there are places where snow will fall whenever, and there really is no perfect way to predict its coming. Ironically, the only expectation you can really have for snow is that it will be unexpected. When it does come out of the blue, it may be light enough that your own shovel will manage, or so heavy that you will wish you had put gas in your snowblower. In some parts of Canada, snow can arrive as early as late September, even though you may not be ready for it. Here are some tips on how to be truly ready for the unexpected snow that occurs here. 

Become a Customer of at Least Two Winter Snow Removal Programs

It seems weird advice to get yourself signed up for two winter snow removal companies, but once you start thinking about it, it makes total sense. What if one company is too busy or that one company is snowed in themselves and cannot get out because their trucks are buried? Having a backup snow removal company is ideal. The backup company may be able to come and remove the snow on your property sooner, or maybe their trucks are tucked into a massive warehouse that is impossible to bury in snow. You just do not know until you do enough research on these companies and hire at least two for the season. Canadian winters can be quite brutal, so it helps to have two companies hired to do the job. 

If Cold Weather Is Predicted, Get up Two Hours Earlier in the Morning

Cold weather may not seem like a reason for waking up extra early on a frosty morning, but that cold weather could turn into snow overnight. By getting up two hours sooner, you can take a peek outside to see if cold weather did turn into snow. If it did snow more than five centimeters, you can make contact with your snow removal companies. By making contact early, you can secure one of the two companies you hired to come and remove the snow before you even leave for work or the children are ready for school. If the snow is less than five centimeters high, then you are up early enough to shovel it away. 

If you would rather be prepared for harsh winter, consider reaching out to winter snow removal programs to learn more.