3 Tips For Designing A Die-Cut Sticker

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A die-cut sticker is a decal that is not just square or rectangular. Instead, the sticker is cut into a specific and special shape. For example, a sticker for an ice-cream shop that is in the shape of an ice-cream cone would represent a personalized die-cut sticker. A die-cut sticker just means that the shape of the sticker was customized to whatever you wanted it to be, instead of being a set shape.

If you are running a business or event and you want to have some special stickers to hand out to everyone at the event, customized die-cut stickers can be a great free promotional item to give away. You can create and craft your own special sticker.

Use High-Quality Images

When you are choosing the images that you want to use for the sticker, make sure you stick to high-quality images. You want the images you use to have a high resolution. Files that have high resolution will look great no matter what size the sticker is. With a high-resolution image, you can size  the sticker up or down and it will still look great. If the resolution is too low, important details are going to end up looking blurry. This means that the overall quality of the sticker is not going to be what it should be.

Make a Clear Border

With a die-cut sticker, the company that creates the sticker for you is going to cut out the sticker based on the shape created by the border. If you have a specific shape you want the sticker to be, you need to make sure you have a clear border around the image. They will use the border to create the die-cut for your sticker, and this will represent the shape of your sticker. If you don't want to be stuck with a square or rectangular sticker, make sure it has a clear border around it.

Consider Making Parts Transparent

As you create the sticker, consider making some parts of the sticker transparent. This can be a cool feature on your sticker. People who like to stick stickers onto things, such as their laptop or their bike helmet, often appreciate stickers that have a little bit of a transparent element as it allows the object behind the sticker to shine through. It can also result in a more custom look for each sticker.

When it comes to creating something unique you can give away at your business or special events, custom die-cut stickers are a great choice. You can give away something people will use that will also advertise your business. When you design the custom sticker, use high-quality images, make a clear border, and have a little artistic fun by adding some transparent elements to the sticker.