Designing Your Trade Show Booth To Maximize Your Efforts

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The design of your trade show booth will either make it a successful effort or a waste of your time. You'll be competing with other vendors for the consumers' attention, and the better booth designs will be the most successful at this. Here are a few of the key trade show design elements to consider before setting up your booth.

Get Seen Early in the Trade Show Exhibit Hall

Within the restrictions placed on you by the trade show hall, use signs and banners to get your booth seen as people enter the exhibit space. Flashing lights, scrolling LED boards and other moving signage will attract the attention and curiosity of people as they first enter the hall. These devices will be most effective when they encourage the consumer to go directly to your booth before stopping at other displays.

Use Your Signage to Promote Your Brand

If your goal is primarily to build your prospects list and not just on-the-floor sales, make sure that all of your signs include your company's name, logo and any slogans you are known for. The more exposure consumers have to this information as they visit your booth, the more likely it is that they will remember you when they need a product or service that you offer.

Keep the Focus of the Booth on Your Products or Services

Everything in your booth should keep the consumer's attention on your product. Remove anything that will distract them. This includes the activities of the people staffing your booth. Here are some of the actions you can take:

Show How Your Product or Service Solves a Problem for the Consumer

You'll get the most attention from consumers when you can demonstrate how your product makes life easier for them. Whether you're doing hands-on demonstrations in your booth or showing videos of a product's use, it should point out a problem that the consumer has and how your product solves that problem.

If doing demonstrations, have a booth design that allows people to come inside and gather around you instead of having them bunch up out in the hallway. If you're displaying videos of your product's use, show other consumers using your products to solve a problem. When people can relate to someone else with a similar problem, they will be more interested in how your product will benefit them.

Take the time to design your trade show booth to attract and hold the consumers' attention. Your efforts will be rewarded with more sales future prospects. For more information or assistance, contact consulting companies like Arc and Co.