3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Charging A Forklift Battery

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Forklift batteries are not cheap, but they are a critical investment and an important part of keeping your business going. Charging them might just seem like a simple and rather mundane part of the workday, but it's important to put some more thought into the process if you want your expensive batteries to last as long as possible. These are three things that you shouldn't do when charging your forklift battery each day.

1. Use the Wrong Type of Water

You have to add water to your forklift battery on a regular basis if you want it to operate properly. However, you shouldn't just be getting water out of the tap for this purpose. This water could contain mineral deposits and other contaminants that can lead to mineral build-up and other issues within your battery. Instead, you should always keep fresh, distilled water on hand for this purpose.

2. Charge for a Short Period of Time

It might seem as if you are being proactive by plugging your battery in while you're on break or when you aren't going to be using it so that it can charge. This is known as an opportunity charge, and it should be avoided. Batteries only have a certain number of charge cycles in their lifespan and each charge counts, even if it's short. Therefore, you should only be charging your battery when it really needs it, and you should always allow it to charge until it is at 100 percent. This helps you extend the lifespan of your forklift battery as much as possible.

3. Skip the Inspection and Cleaning Process

You've probably been told that you should wipe off any debris from your battery when you charge it and that you should carefully check it for corrosion and other issues, but it can be easy to skip this step. However, not looking for problems can actually put you at risk of injury in the worst of situations and can lead to your battery not lasting as long as possible in the best case scenario. Cleaning and inspecting your battery with every charge is a good habit to have and will help you ensure that your battery stays in good shape and is safe to use.

There are a lot of mistakes made when people charge their forklift batteries. If you avoid these common mistakes when charging your battery, however, you can make it last as long as possible. For more advice, talk with someone like All-Tra Battery.