Crafts For Profit And Mental Health

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Crafting activities have made a comeback in recent years. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other crafts are excellent entertainment for many, but they offer other benefits in addition to their fun factor. Crafts can improve your mental health and help you earn extra income. 

Mental Benefits

Researchers believe that crafts such as embroidery offer the same benefits that meditation does. One psychologist calls the state of being totally engrossed in an activity "flow." While you are in "flow," you are unaware of pain, hunger, and anything outside of your craft. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, crafting can provide hours of relief. Repetitious actions can actually quiet the "fight or flight" reflex that those with anxiety frequently experience. In the "normal" brain, anxiety surges when a real danger appears. For those with anxiety, almost anything can trigger that response. Knitting or sewing can ease the mind and even make you feel happy. You will also feel proud of the finished result. Creating something of beauty can boost your confidence and satisfaction level. 


Once you have perfected your craft, you can begin profiting from it. Many crafters create products for craft fairs. You can research area fairs and then buy a table for those you think will work for your items. The fall and winter season are particularly profitable for crafters since the holiday season offers many opportunities to sell your wares. 

You may also use online resources to sell your items. Several safe and profitable online sites specialize in helping crafters sell their items.You can easily set up an account and begin selling your products right away. Once you get the hang of merchandising, you may want to set up your own website. Some people go on to make their hobby a full-time business run from home.  Of course, going full-time requires a serious business plan and a space that can serve as an office/craft area. But you do get to set your own hours and devote as much time to the business as you desire.

Your crafting can be a serious revenue creator that benefits your mental health while providing hours of entertainment. Few other activities can fulfill both needs. For those suffering from depression and anxiety, crafting can provide much-needed relief. In addition, the finished products can bring in extra income, relieving financial stress. Crafting has no downside, so choose your activity and create a better life.