Security Tips For Your Mobile Signs

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A mobile sign provides your business with flexibility when it comes to advertising. You can move your sign to follow the traffic flow, as it changes from week day to weekend, or you can place it only when needed to advertise sales or special events. One concern with a mobile sign is that it isn't fixed and so it may become a target for thieves or vandals. The following tips can help you secure your sign so it remains safe.  

Lock Your Trailer

Trailer-bound signs are handy since you can move them easily, but the trailer can be a target for thieves. Some sign trailers come with locking hitches, while you will need to purchase a separate locking hitch cover for others. If you plan to leave the sign out overnight, you may also want to invest in wheel locks, which will prevent the tires on the trailer from turning. Another option is to rent trailer signs instead of buying, this way the rental company (such as will be responsible for the trailer's security.

Protect Your Message

Changeable letter boards are simple yet common mobile sign solution. Traditionally these were white with black letters, but you can now find the sign boards and letters in a variety of colors and design. These signs are also a favorite of vandals, who like to change the messages to offensive or silly sayings.

A clear, locking vandal cover is the best defense against this. Make sure the cover is locked after each message change. Choose a sign style where the cover has a rubber seal, which will keep out moisture so your message isn't obscured by condensation on hot days.

Lock Down Your Sign

Not all mobile signs have a trailer that you can easily lock. For those on stands, you need to place them near a difficult-to-remove item, such as a telephone pole. You can then secure the sign in place with a chain and lock. Although this isn't foolproof – there are chain cutters readily available – it will prevent quick crimes of opportunity.

The best security of your mobile signs is vigilance. Check on your signs daily and verify that locks and security mechanisms are in place and that they haven't been tampered with. If you notice a problem, you may need to move your sign to a new location. Often, areas with little night time traffic are the locations where theft or vandalism is most likely to occur.