Three Things To Consider About A Career In Forensic Structural Engineering

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If you are considering an advanced degree in structural or civil engineering, but you want to remain in a business sector, there is one concentration you should consider. A forensic structural engineer works directly with the business sector as a liaison between a business and the construction teams that design buildings.

As a forensic engineer it would be your job to help determine why a building collapsed or had issues and if those issues could have been prevented. Before you settle on another concentration for your advanced structural engineering studies, consider these three points about a forensic path.

Work Environment

One of the key considerations regarding a career as a forensic structural engineer is your work environment. The majority of your work will be done in an office setting. You will have to go to the job site, building site, or work site depending on the circumstances of the building collapse or issue. You will need to investigate the building and site, look at blueprints of the building, and the materials used. You will also use your previous structural engineering experience and education to determine if the materials or building methods caused the problem.

Course Work

The amount of time you spend on your course week may depend on where you decide to attend graduate school. If you are limited on the time you have to devote to your studies, you may want to discuss your options with various universities in Canada to determine which program works best for your needs.

Types of Structures

One of the things you should consider are the types of structures you want to concentrate on. Though most programs will focus on a variety of structures, like buildings and bridges, you may be able to pick a specific area as well. If you want to primarily deal with urban development and buildings, you may want to discuss how to work in that focus into your educational path. Keep in mind, by having a background in all available structures, you will likely increase the jobs you will be called on for your services.

These are only three things to consider about a career path or graduate school concentration in forensic structural engineering. If you have more questions or if you want to take the next steps towards your advanced degree and career concentration, contact your local university of choice or a company such as BIE Engineering Corp Edmonton