Don't Let The Creepy Little Bed Bugs Bite: Call Pest Control Fast

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If you think you have a problem with bed bugs throughout your home, you want to call the pest control professionals right away. You can search around your home, and the experts can scan all areas of the house.

Bed bugs aren't going to put your life in danger, but they can cause skin irritations and infections, and they will infest the home quickly. Here are a few things you want to do, as soon as you have suspicions:

Call the Professional Exterminators

The professionals are going to get the bugs and eggs out of the home, from the depths of your closets and under your beds. They may suggest that you throw out the mattresses in which the bugs have embedded themselves deep inside. They will release a gas inside the home that will kill the bugs so you will want to remove all pets and plants.

Have the Carpets Cleaned

The little bugs could be living inside your carpets. Have the carpets steamed cleaned by the professionals, and have the steam cleaners use an antimicrobial agent on the carpeting. The commercial washer can pull the bugs out of the carpeting, and the cleaning agent can kill the bugs and eggs.

You also want to have your furniture cleaned, since the bugs like to hide in chairs and couches. If the exterminators think the couches or furniture is highly infected, toss the furniture as well.

Have Your Car Detailed

It's common for people to bring bed bugs into their home from bags, pillows, clothes or blankets, and you could have transported them in the car. Have your car detailed and steam cleaned so you don't keep bringing the bugs into the car. Beg bugs can live for months without feeding off humans, so they could linger in your car a long time if you don't have them taken care of.

If you have bags and heavy coats that you worry may have bed bugs, you'll want to take them to the dry cleaners. You also want to take your bedding to the dry cleaners. If you have items that you are worried are badly infested, you can also put them in freezing temperatures for 72 hours to kill the bed bugs.

If you have a rash or little markings on your body, and there is pink in your sheets from blood, call pest control services in your area and get the bed bugs out. Need more help? Contact a company like Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. for more information.