4 Ways To Ensure Your Carpet Lasts Longer

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Do you always find yourself wanting to replace your carpet after just a few short years? Carpet is supposed to last anywhere from ten to twenty years -- some brands even have a thirty year warranty -- yet who has ever been able to keep carpet looking new for a decade? In reality, there are ways to make your carpet last longer, but they usually involve routine maintenance.

1. Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

A professional cleaning on a semi-annual basis can do quite a lot to ensure that your carpet remains attractive. In fact, you might be absolutely stunned to see just how new your carpet looks just with a single cleaning. Cleaning ensures that staining does not set in and that the carpet's colors remain vibrant and like new. It also removes any odors, as one of the chief reasons many people need to remove their carpeting is to remover smells.

2. Don't Smoke Inside

Smoking inside will quickly discolor practically everything in your home. If you've already experienced some discoloration, you might not even notice it -- things may just look faded and old. A professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning company will be able to remove the worst of this, however. In most situations, the stains are actually just residue on top of the surfaces.

3. Place Runners in Busy Areas

Hallways and stairs are the perfect place for plastic runners. Plastic runners can also make it much safer in these areas -- especially if you have kids -- as they increase traction in those areas. Plastic runners usually have texture at the bottom to ensure that they do not shift and they will maintain a like new appearance beneath them. 

4. Avoid Using Shoes In the House

Many people wear shoes in the house specifically because they're used to dirty carpet. But with clean carpet, it's far more comfortable to walk around without shoes. Shoes don't just track in dirt and make it harder to clean; shoes will also wear and tear at the carpet and you won't even notice. Use soft, padded house slippers instead. Likewise, you might want to make sure your pet's claws are tripped and filed so they don't cause damage.

Making sure that your carpet lasts longer does not mean that you need to treat it especially delicately -- you just need to invest some time into regular maintenance. Most carpeting will last quite long as long as you don't overly abuse it. To learn more, contact a company like Kelly Carpet Cleaning Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.