Craft Show Labeling Basics For Handmade Quilts

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If you create and sell handmade quilts, chances are you have run against the common difficulty of labeling. You need a label that lasts and is attractive. Most of the DIY options don't fit the bill, because the ink runs or fades when the quilt is washed. Fortunately, there is a labeling solution that will elevate your quilts to professional level.

Choose a Style

Fabric labels fit labeling requirements without detracting from the appearance of your quilt. You have several options when it comes to ordering your labels:

Gather Your Info

Labels should contain certain information, but you don't want to make it overwhelming. At the bare minimum, include the name of your business. Contact information is also good, so if you can fit your web address into the logo or name design, go for it.

By law, a label must contain the fiber content in the quilt. Although you likely won't get in trouble selling at a small local craft show, you may leave yourself vulnerable to a fine if you sell through retail outlets or supply a wholesaler with quilts.

It's also a good idea to include care instructions. You can keep it simple – warm wash, line dry, for example. It's always possible to include an instruction card with each purchase if the quilt requires more involved care.

Size Correctly

Choose a label size that fits your logo design and the amount of information you are including. You don't want the label to overpower the design of the quilt or look out of place, so it's usually best to keep it smaller than 2-by-1-inches. On large quilts or wall quilts with only one display side, you can opt for slightly larger labels. Labels that are flush to the fabric are more attractive and less annoying than flap-style labels.

Your label supplier will likely request a digital design file. Once they receive it, they will print up your labels and send them to you, keeping your design on file for future orders.

For more information, contact United Label Canada Ltd. or a similar company.