Getting Towing Fees Waived: Sometimes It's Not Your Mistake

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Even though towing companies are very careful, they will sometimes tow the wrong car by mistake. It is also easy for a towing company to misidentify a car as not belonging in a reserved parking spot. Some parking lots require a sign or sticker to be placed in the car, but the towing company might not notice this.

If the car was towed by mistake, you can usually get it back at no cost to you and you may be compensated for damages.

You Can Seek Damages In Some Cases

If your car has been damaged, take it to a mechanic. The mechanic will then be able to determine that the damage was caused by the act of having the car towed. With this on record, you can then approach the towing company and ask to be compensated for the damage.

You may have suffered additional damages as a result of having your car towed, such as missing work. If this occurs, you can ask the towing company to be reimbursed for the lost wages. Contact your employer so he can verify for the towing company, in writing, that you were scheduled to work a set number of hours and that you lost wages as a result.

The Parking Spot Might Be At Fault

Sometimes the towing company has a legitimate reason to tow a car and neither you or the towing company are at fault, but someone else. For example, there might be improper signage that prevents you from determining if you can legally park in a particular spot. The parking spot might have lines that are faded or the nature of the parking spot simply makes it difficult to determine where you should park.

If this is the case and you are required to pay a fine, learn about the governmental guidelines for how parking spots must be maintained. If the parking spot was not maintained properly, you may be able to have the fees waived or someone else may be held responsible for paying for the towing costs.

The Police Might Be At Fault

Also, it may be that your car was towed too soon. A police officer often has to wait for a specific time period before having it towed. The towing company is not at fault for following the instructions of the police officer, but if you can find evidence that the car was towed too soon, you may not have to pay any fines. Being towed by mistake can be a major headache, but there is no reason to pay for something you are not responsible for.

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