How To Pick The Right Cold And Flu Herbal Tea To Sell

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If you run a restaurant, coffee shop, or another business where you sell hot drinks, you may want to consider selling cold and flu tea blends this fall. These teas can help your customers feel less sick during the cold and flu season. If you are interested in selling these kinds of teas, then here is how you can pick the best kinds for your business.

Something Warm Versus Something Sharp

There is a large variety of teas that can help alleviate illness symptoms available on the market, and they can generally be divided into two different categories—those that taste very sharp, and those more mellow and warm. For example, peppermint and chamomile tea can both alleviate inflammation in your body. However, peppermint has a much more intense flavor and smell that may put some people off. You may want to consider a tea that can either balance out or match the rest of the teas and drinks you offer.

Find What Pairs Best With Your Food

Another thing to consider is the kind of cold and flu herbal blend that pairs best with the foods that you offer. Going back to the peppermint example, if you serve a lot of chocolate foods year-round or once fall hits, then tea blends with peppermint may be better as people can buy a peppermint-tasting cold and flu tea and a chocolate side. However, if you don't serve chocolate or if you serve fewer sweet sides, then other teas such as ginger blends may be better. You can even opt for a green tea if you want to offer a tea that goes well with any meal.

Offer Or Try More Than One

Finally, one of the best ways to make choosing the right cold and flu tea blend for your business is to give yourself permission to offer more than one tea blend. This way, if you know that more than one tea blend is right for your clientele and business, then you can either offer both during the fall season or try two or more as the season continues and see which blend works best for you. As long as you can keep your profit margin intact, there's no shame in trying out a tea blend and finding out that it doesn't appeal to your clientele.

Picking the right cold and flu herbal tea blends for your business can be challenging, but it's easier when you can analyze what tea blends work best for your business based on flavor, food pairings, and your profit margins.